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New Frontier Coffee is a full service micro coffee roaster delivering only the freshest premium grade 100% Arabica coffee for coffee houses, restaurants, and other commercial business nationwide.

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Choose from our Flagship Blends:

A medium roast from Latin American and Indonesia beans for this sumptuous blend that is a rich, intense espresso, not bitter with a complex caramel flavor that is perfect for espresso shots and also holds up well in milk drinks (also available in Decaf).

House Blend:
Only the best green of Central America is adequate for this truly fantastic drip coffee that has a strong, hearty flavor with a lot of body and low in acidity and is well rounded (also available in Decaf).

French Roast:
This dark blend of Guatemalan and Mexican estates yields a wonderfully flavorful coffee that is intense, smoky flavor, with a light body and very low acidity. French Roast is roasted to the darkest degree of roast where the beans begin to loose their inherit characteristics and the degree of roast becomes the major contributor to the flavor.


Or choose from our incredible single origin coffee:

Single origin beans are from a specific region or farm. Each region and farm holds certain inherit characteristics unique to it (similar to wines).

You can specify light, Medium, Medium-Dark, or Dark/French Roast. If no specification is given you will receive Patrick's choice, specifically chosen per characteristics of select bean.

All Bean 100% Arabic Premium Quality

Sumatra Mandheling:
This bean is a heavy, full bodied coffee, very low in acidity, and very rich and smooth which give it an almost syrupy characteristic. Sumatra Mandheling is grown in Indonesia; Sumatra is a very distinctive coffee with a special appeal

Brazil Santos:
This is a mild coffee with light body and low acidity wich produces a very smooth, light cup of coffee. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world and Santos is the highest grade of Brazil available.

Costa Rican SHB Juan Leon Estates:
Costa Rica is considered one of the finest coffees produced in Latin America and Juan Leon Estates have won multiple prizes by international panels of artisan judges. This "Hard Bean" is a great mild coffee with good balance, acidity, body and character, a hint of spice and some nutty overtones.

Papua New Guinea:
This roast is sweet and floral and displays a pungent, mango and papaya fruitiness in the aroma with a clean full-bodied flavor. Papua New Guinea comes from Indonesia and is a local favorite.

Peruvian Organic (Bird Friendly, Shade Grown):
This roast is light and smooth, with a medium body, pleasing, slightly floral acidity and subtle earthiness. It is rich and aromatic with well-balanced undertones. These beans are grown in the Andes in rich volcanic soil using pure, simple organic techniques.

Colombian Supremo Bucaramanga:
Bucaramanga is a region in Colombia that prides itself on its coffee. Our roast has a sweet aroma, a very rich flavor, and an excellent balance of acidity and body. This is a wonderful breakfast coffee.

Decaf Colombian Water process:
Colombia's highest grade and most uniform bean. Its sweet, full flavor makes Colombia Supremo one of the most popular coffees. This coffee is decaffeinated using a Swiss Water Process that is a form of decaffeination in which the "green" coffee beans are immersed in water, which creates an "extract" that is passed over activated charcoal to remove the caffeine.

Guatemalan Huehuetenango:
This roast has a unique balance of low cocoa notes and fresh orangey acidity. It has a medium heavy body that prolongs the sweet notes and subtle cinnamon spice finish. Guatemala's Huehuetenango region is not prized for its volcanic soil, but instead relies on the microclimate for its unique flavor.

Mexican Custepec SHG:
A medium-bodied, very clean coffee with acidity reminiscent of dry white wines, Custepec has a hint of nuttiness followed by a slight woodiness in the finish. Custepec is a (SHG) Strictly High Grown coffee from Chipas, one of the two southern states bordering Guatemala, Custepec is grown at approximately 4,900 feet in elevation.


Call 800-949-JAVA (800-949-5282) for bulk coffee quote and free sample.

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